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If you want genuine counsel: saving money is always a good idea. It is difficult to recover from the expenses that come from doing expensive things on short notice. Travel is also stressful, and may not be the ideal way to spend your time off.

i totally agree on the expenses thing and that’s really my sticking point

theoretically i should be able to be free to be out of town that whole time and i’d miss one day getting paid, maybe 2, but it’s by my aunt and she mostly just likes it when i take the kids off her hands and that’s what she pays me for and she pays me less than my real job

i mean also i don’t know what my schedule is gonna be at all but it’s likely to be that i’m off mon-weds which is exactly what i’d need

and i like travel! it’d be about 12 hours on a really pretty train ride on the way there and a bus half the way back and then back on the train (that particular day the service between montreal and wherever upstate is cancelled for some reason, yes i already checked amtrak)

this just seems in equal parts really irresponsible and also like a thing i should do bc i’m 20 and i can and it’d be super fun

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lizzy u know in good conscious i can’t tell u not to go to montreal u wouldn’t believe me if i tried

i would actively wonder if you were ok for like. the next week at least. maybe forever.

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but it’s canada! why would i tell you not to go to canada?

because it’s a bad idea to go to a different country by myself on short notice for hockey and also a bad use of my money?

no lizzy

no you can’t go up to montreal for like a day just to see the hawks play even tho it would probably be really fun and perfectly in the middle of 3 days off

no you need to save that money for a different hockey vacation and you’re already spending a fuckton to blow off work and go see the stars on saturday


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Oh my god


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